This is a personal blog about the experiences of being a second-generation woman of color getting a doctorate degree in a big city. I needed a space to save my lofty ideas and my more shallow thoughts but more importantly; documentation so I don't forget what might be some of the most significant developmental moments of my own life—because I can’t write this much in my calendar to remind myself later. The purpose of the blog is more personal reflections than anything but I am enthralled at the idea that another woman of color out there is in a similar position and feels lonely because so few people in academia look like them.

Why “the lonely academic”?

Let's face it. The common association with getting a graduate degree, especially a doctorate, is that we are all at risk for some depressive episode or other mental health diagnoses. Perhaps not throughout the entirety of our programs but there certainly are dark moments. Whether you're transitioning from full-time work to full-time academics, going through a breakup, dealing with a not so understanding SO, struggling to find time to cook meals, watching your muscle mass slowly disappear, or have deep concerns about actually developing carpal tunnel--shit gets real. Compound that with the fact that academia is not as diverse as I hoped it would be. Realizing that...shit I actually have to roll up my sleeves and fight the good fight because no one else looks like me at this damn conference and all their agendas do not reflect my community’s needs. So yeah, being an academic gets lonely.