who we are



DIY-ology is the study of doing it yourself. We’re a collaborative team of sisters inspired by our mother’s love for crafting. DIY-ology comprises of an eclectic team of siblings that come from various professional backgrounds that live from the west to east coast. Our second-generation and Filipino-American identities play an influential role in our devotion to creation and sharing. Living in a family that grows at an exponential rate since the time our tiny palms and feet touched the grounds meant that we spent our time figuring out how to create something out of nothing.

Why "DIY-ology?"

Learning to love, support, and function in a large family meant that we inherently learned the life hacks required to create the life we wanted within the constraints of some of the limitations that come with being a second-generation family with more mouths to feed than most. These are the things that brought us joy and we continuously create to share that with our family and hope to bring it to you and yours.

We understand that concept of ‘family’ takes on many shapes, forms, and definitions. It wasn’t until we were well into our teenage years that we discovered half our family was actually—not our ‘blood’ relatives. That didn’t change anything then nor will it ever. Our concept of those who are worthy of our time and energy does not stop at blood relationships but includes everyone. That’s how we were raised and what we continue to practice.

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