I see you have a vinyl decal that belongs somewhere… Here’s a quick guide on how to apply them. There’s always google if you find that you don’t understand the words that i’m typing.

Please know that these vinyls are permanent to semi-permanent. Once you stick them somewhere it will be difficult to remove. Make sure you’re placing it somewhere you want it to stay. Be patient when applying because it will be difficult to impossible to readjust without damaging the actual decal. WAIT until your post coffee jitters have gone away!

Step 1

Clean the surface you want to apply to. You’ll have to pay attention to the material that you’re using and use a chemical or rubbing alcohol that won’t damage the surface.

Decals are perfect for almost any surface. Especially phone cases, laptop covers, water bottles (not dishwasher tested), journals, or just about any smooth surface you can think of.

NOTE: These have trouble sticking to covers that have a soft rubber like texture. I have had success in applying to these surfaces but have struggled on the same surface on other attempts.

step 2

Remove the decal from the adhesive backing but make sure each part of the decal is stuck to the transfer paper. The contact paper is the sticky side with the grid. You want to use a hard item like a credit card (bone file, etc.) and rub it over any part of the decal that is not on the transfer paper.

Pull the transfer paper slowly. continue to use your hard item to rub on the decal if it is not lifting up with the transfer paper.

NOTE: sometimes I use tweezers to help me with small & stubborn details.

step 3

once the decal is on the transfer paper place it slowly on the item you want it to adhere to making sure there are no bubbles. Use your hard item to smooth it out and make sure it is stuck to the item.