Canceling out

It's amazing that despite good news it's possible to think about inadequacies, the pressure to continuously prove yourself, or the nagging internal thought that you have to do more. I recently nailed several interviews (some scheduled and some impromptu) for adjunct positions at a graduate school. I'm still not satisfied even though I left the building with several job offers and a for sure position for the summer. It's just I have to focus on right now. I have to get through the 4 course assignments that are due next week, finish grading the papers for the students I currently have in my 2 courses, continuously work on transcription, figure out coding, work on syntax, schedule interviews, manage 2 research projects, and somehow keep breathing and sleeping. Meanwhile, my laundry is piling up, I can't look forward to our apartment brunch, I have to fight negative text sending, and put on new socks every day. At least I have something to keep my mind off of that terrible February holiday coming up.

I'm so sleep deprived.