70 Degrees and Sunny

Life has been a lot lately. From overwhelming stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, constant breakouts, and being on the verge of chewing someone out for simply expressing another viewpoint. My tongue is basically gone from biting it so much lately.

Somehow all that dissipated in the instant that I set my eyes on the pacific ocean from my airplane window. Instantly soothed by the mere sight of water. Surprisingly I embraced the feeling of tiredness, let go of my anxiety, actually ate substantial amounts of food, still breaking out, but being open to anything and everything that was being said to me.

Home has a curious effect on people. For some, it’s triggering, enraging, uncomfortable, awkward, or that nagging feeling of not being quite right—and if you’re lucky enough, you’re proven wrong in an instant. Don’t get me wrong, this constant journey of transformation, growth, and learning continues to be confusing and painful. Imposter syndrome is real y’all. It’s nice to be reminded that the negative feelings associated with the slow death of crazy amounts of stress is transitory.

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