Sprinting 20 Marathons in a Row Without Breaks


Probably feels similar to the rate my heart is working with the amount of stress I’m feeling. I have reached a point of feeling so overwhelmed I’m struggling to just put my thoughts together to write this. I’m grappling with the various pulls of wanting to be self-indulgent, wanting to let go of egocentric priorities and be present with people I care about, giving to the community, going through the rituals that help build my confidence, finding the time to sleep and eat, and reminding myself that this is exactly what I should be doing in this moment in time.

Not surprisingly, my emotions are mirroring all the feelings that would come with following through with those activities. It’s tiring, frustrating, upsetting, disappointing, anxiety provoking coupled with feeling loved, happy, and at peace. I would be deeply concerned at that statement were I not a mental health professional.

In any case, it leaves my physical body and mind at an impasse as far as how I should think, function, and simply move through space.