Custom Goods

At we’re all about providing services so that you can express yourself. Whether it’s a reminder to yourself that you have to do something (aka journaling and organizing), reminding yourself to be kind to yourself, or reminding others that you’re thinking of them. We’re so proud to help bring together that sense of connection within yourself and others to create a community that continues to express over and over that we care for each other. Our custom goods and services know no bounds. Everything here is made with you in mind. It’s a collaborative process so that you receive exactly what you want. We charge for the services because we put time and labor into making your creations come to life. We do not charge for the images created and do not claim ownership over images not created by us (aka you when you design your own content).


Say it by creating it

We offer services to help bring your customized DIY, gift, & crafting ideas come to life.