We’re so excited to be able to offer custom sticker sheets as a part of our services. Stickers are great for gifts, crafting, cards, journaling, and just about anything. I used to have sticker books as a child and now I have the joy of being able to de-stress by creating my own useful creations. Sometimes I gift them to my nieces and nephews. Other times, I have the joy of sharing them with colleagues so that they can give them to their little and not-little-ones. There’s something special about being able to receive something that has been made specifically for you in mind. I hope you and yours find the joy in sharing something that says you put time and thought into what they mean to you. OR acknowledging the hard work you put in your life by gifting to yourself. You (and they) deserve it.


Custom Sticker Sheets

We’re thrilled to be able to bring to life your own imaginative creations!