Here’s an example of custom writing decals that we’ve created. To be honest, I’m not personal fan of writings turned decals. Although the teenage version of me would scream in protest buried under the graphic tee collection from hot topic, pacsun, and any other brand that screams fun-in-the-sun-CA-born-and-bred adolescent life. Sometimes, some sayings do strike home and this is one that I personally have on my to-do notebook. It reminds me that even in the mundane (and often difficult) day-to-day life of getting a doctorate degree—it’s all a part of this great adventure I started when I decided this is what I wanted to do when I was 12 years old.


Writing - decals

Simple vector (svg files) that create clean cuts with text and images. Look for high resolution (300 dpi) images if you can’t find .svg files for the best results when printing and creating custom decals for writing and images!