Make your own foiled stickers

Here’s some quick tips that I found useful for myself:

  • Buy foil on Amazon for a more economical approach to being able to get your hands on a variety of colors for more bang for your buck

  • I bought a laminator as a lightening deal on Amazon for only $12. I was apprehensive of the price and the low reviews but it does the trick! I got a simple Intey brand laminator but I have not tested others and can’t speak for the quality. I do know many use the amazon basics brand (my roommate has one that she keeps in her elementary classroom)

  • PARCHMENT PAPER—I found that I don’t have to shell out money for protector sleeves. I made my own using parchment paper I had in the kitchen. WARNING: I don’t know what that could do to your machine or how it’ll react to what you’re making. For me—worked perfectly and now I can custom make different sizes and reuse or recreate as needed.

  • I ran my stickers through the laminator a few times. I also flipped it just in case (e.g. face up design and face down design).

  • I received poor low quality prints using Cricut print and cut. I “hacked” it by printing and ‘saving as a pdf’ rather than sending it to a printer. I then used illustrator to superimpose the same sticker sheet over the cut and print file. I printed through illustrator and received MUCH BETTER quality prints. This improved the quality of the foil adhering to the toner too


For those of you interested in the foiling process you can check out this video I came across to help me (among a LOT of great and useful ones on youtube) that goes through some of the basics of the foiling process.