Rose Colored Stickers

My ingenious sister shared with me the idea of foiling stickers. This was something completely OFF my radar. As soon as I figured out what it was—I was hooked. I just got my materials in over the weekend. However, in a growing attempt to stay present…I did NOT rush home and hole up to craft. Today, I did find the time in between work to try out the process. It’s so exciting to try new methods and also grow in my hobbies/skills. With that said—I’m in love with the outcome. We’re proud to share our first ready made series of Rose Gold Potted Plant Sticker Sheets. Check out this new item below.

You can use this to inspire you—here are some possibilities when it comes to creating your own custom sticker sheets.

Rose Gold Potted Plant Stickers
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This sticker sheet features several potted plants with a rose gold finish and other floral designs that are perfect for bullet journal, paper crafts, card making, scrapbooking, and just about anything else you can think of. Each sticker is approximately .5 inches maximum in width and vary in length. The overall sticker sheet is approximately 4.5inches by 6.75 inches (dimensions vary depending on how they’re cut at the edges).

The stickers are metallic and shine depending on how the light hits the sticker. Stickers are printed on either transparent or opaque sticker paper. Prices vary by the type of sticker paper you choose and # of sheets.

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